Karisma Ape

 ©Copyright 2023. Music by: LATO - Recorded at: Officine Meccaniche Studios in Milan - Produced by: LATO and Antonio “Cooper” Cupertino at San Pedro Studios - Mastered by: Giovanni Versari at La Maestà - Director: Flipper - filmed in NYC, Miami, Berlin and Milano.

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Karisma Ape

All of the time
Laughing and smiling and speaking rhymes
a loud parade for our minds and he knew that
you’d be fond of the proud display of his posture
he’s out for us now

Karisma Ape

When common sense has gone astray
looking for fame with all his senses
he was not
going for second place
Lured by power
moved by passion
where is reason?


on the Basics (Ways) of suddenness
he was strong
poking our aninal instincts we thought
were long gone
tired of this I felt that
going underground
he would still …See me now



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