LATO brings together different influences blending them into an original form of rock. Vocals, guitars and rhythm section carefully entwine with a touch of electronica, and ethnic vibes go hand in hand with a natural propensity for psychedelia.


LATO is the result of a long underground experience that has allowed the band to reach a mature, extremely expressive, and sophisticated sound. Apreciated in Europe and the US, they are a live act that cannot be missed.


“Splendid Isolation” from “Out of the Dark” album.


A few years after the release of “Out of the Dark” the new single “Machine Head Warning” is out now, the first of three visual chapters that anticipate the release of the new and long-awaited album “KARISMA”.


Machine Head Warning” with its hypnotic riff and the groove broken by refrains has a 70s rock funk flavor, where melodies decorate a primal rhythm brushed by an intriguing horns section.


Get ready to feed your ears!!!