LATO - Karisma Ape Reviews


“Karisma Ape” Reviews

June 16, 2023


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The Metal Asylum

“They want to blur the lines and create a whole new sound just for themselves, something they have done exceptionally well at! This is a great laid-back track that is perfect to chill out to. Look out for more from Lato as I am sure they will have lots more for us to enjoy!”



“Infusing a wild blend of styles, genres, and sounds for something special, LATO have beyond impressed us with their latest delivery, “Karisma Ape”. There’s so many subtleties we’ve found by listening intently, ultimately giving this song a ton more depth and complexity from beginning to end.”


Mystic Sons

“Karisma Ape makes for a brilliantly warm yet textured listen. With its rich and dynamic aesthetic, breezy atmosphere, and compelling vocals layered throughout, Lato are returning with one of their most captivating offerings to date.”


Illustrate Magazine

“Experimentation and indie rock fuse together with Lato’s moody track “Karisma Ape”. The artist incorporates unique bass sections with a weighty essence. It’s almost like the drum and bass parts merged for a resonant sound, and the outcome was indeed satisfying to hear. The vocalist sticks to a lower scale, and it contributes to the edge and authenticity of “Karisma Ape.” There’s an air of mystery surrounding the artist. That’s a stellar trait to have, ‘cause you want the audience to wonder about your stance in the biz.”


Rockera Magazine

“Karisma Ape left an impression as one of the most nicely recorded and cleanest sounding rock recordings in my recent memory.”


FV Music Blog

“LATO are a superb band that need to be heard this February. “Karisma Ape” is a brilliant alt-rock release with excellent musicianship, warm production and catchy chorus. “Karisma Ape” needs to be added to your new music playlist this weekend!”



“The band brings a style that draws on various rock influences, with a psychedelic style as well, which has strong beats and riffs that are electrifying. “Karisma Ape” sticks in the mind, hallucinates with psychedelic style, a new anthem for alternative rock, in a work by the band Lato that is incredible.”


Purple Melon

“Laid back and relaxed, LATO expertly play in the subtitles, ingeniously weaving threads of world music, alongside hazy electronica. “Karisma Ape” exudes a humble confidence, with hints of Gorillas all wrapped up in a nonchalant, atmospheric anthem.”


Karisma Ape

 ©Copyright 2023. Music by: LATO – Recorded at: Officine Meccaniche Studios in Milan – Produced by: LATO and Antonio “Cooper” Cupertino at San Pedro Studios – Mastered by: Giovanni Versari at La Maestà – Director: Flipper – filmed in NYC, Miami, Berlin and Milano.

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