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“Camouflage” Reviews Update!

October 10, 2022


Here is an update of the media and blogs that reviewed “Camouflage”
the second single from our upcoming album.


October 7, 2022
Indie Rock music blog
Your Guide To The Best Laid-Back Music For The Weekend


October 5, 2022
Nexus Music Blog


September 28, 2022
Sinusoidal music – Camouflage – Slivery Mystique


September 25, 2022
Indie Dock Music Blog


September 20, 2022
Os Garotos de Liverpool (Brazil)


September 17, 2022
Indieoclock (Brazil)


September 16, 2022
TJPL Best Video of the week charts


September 16, 2022
Thoughts Words Action


September 13, 2022
The buzzer media



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