LATO brings together different influences blending them into an original form of rock.
Vocals, guitars and melodies carefully entwine with a touch of electronica, and ethnic vibes go hand in hand with a natural propensity for psychedelia.


Their underground experience has led LATO to reach an extraordinarily mature sound, as well as unparalleled levels of expressivity and sophistication.


A few years after the release of “Out of the Dark”the new album “KARISMA” is on its way. This is a record that starts from the groove, on top of which the songs grow, letting the melodies paint a sequence of primordial beats.


“Karisma”was recorded at Mauro Pagani’s “Officine Meccaniche” studio in Milan and co-produced by LATO and Antonio “Cooper” Cupertino at San Pedro Studio.


Get ready to feed your ears!!!